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Ken Rose


Songwriter, producer, artist and engineer. Influenced by honest “music from the heart” and inspired by a diverse selection of artists and generations, Ken Rose’s focal point is discovering the ultimate marriage between creativity and commerciality within every artist and project. Ken believes “a great song with an inspired interpretation guarantees an enjoyable and productive recording process for artist and client.”


Ken plays guitar, bass, piano, sings and creates interesting live percussion textures with bizarre instruments. Ken uses tape and Pro Tools and fuses vintage and modern sounds and techniques.


Ken has worked as a staff songwriter for Warner-Chappell, EMI, Famous Music Corp., Sony/ATV and Giorgio Moroder Music. Throughout his career Ken has always been attracted to “old school” artist development - realising each artists’ personality and unique vibe and creating original music with them from the writing phase through to production. In 2006 Ken decided to make a full time move in that direction, with both

established and newcomer artists and bands culminating with his founding of the critically acclaimed Telescopic Baby Record label in 2010 (


Since that change in course Ken has been involved with diverse projects including the Youth produced debut record from Helen Boulding, Teitur’s first two records, Evan Haughey/Hero Jr., Kip Winger, Lou Rhodes, Betty Steeles, Jacopo Sarno, Roch Voisine and many others. Ken has also contributed to, collaborated with and recorded all six of his Telescopic Baby acts.


Ken’s strength lies in his ability to start from scratch with an artist and immerse himself in their world. Whether he continues to perform and produce or leaves the project after the writing phase, the result is a batch of songs that resonates with both client and artist. His human approach and creative vibe has been compared to that of 60s and 70s acts, where the producer became an “inspirational creative member” of the project without leaving a stamp on it - a trait that Ken feels is missing in a lot of contemporary creative partnerships.


“When I co-write It’s almost as if I ‘step’ into the artist for the duration of each session so I can best understand and translate their persona into song.” Ken’s main goal, when working with an artist is that the artist leaves the studio believing they wrote the song by themself.


Ken’s studio is located within Livingston Studios and has a living room vibe conducive to freedom and creativity. He is also a big fan of Livingston’s two world class facilities downstairs. “Bouncing” between both studios supports the new music business model of combining quality and cost effectiveness.


Besides his work as a writer and producer Ken performs with a wide variety of artists, both in the studio and on stage. From 2007-8 Ken was a member of Marianne Faithfull’s two year “Songs Of Innocence And Experience” World Tour. Ken has performed with Betty Steeles and has been performing with Kate Daisy Grant for the past four years.


Ken is in love with and fascinated by the creative process and is at home in most genres, whether for album/single projects, advertising projects or film and television projects. Ken has written and produced advertising spots for Adidas, Lee Jeans, MTV, VH-1, VIVA Music Television and has scored music for various film projects.


Ken is an active lecturer, conducting seminars and masterclasses that have been inspirational and productive for aspiring artists, musicians, engineers and producers throughout England, Germany and America. Ken also hosts four intensive weekend writer workshops per year. Ken is CRB accredited and has worked internationally with diverse youth groups ranging from 8 years old through higher education.

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